Suspended poster displays - Holders clamped to tensioned wires and bars

Poster holders clamped to tensioned wires fixed to the ceiling and the floor.

Bespoke sizes available in poster sizes and number of columns.  

Free-standing aluminium frames - for suspended displays

Frames are flexible in terms of size, base plates and accessories, with many standard sizes and profiles to choose from, or bespoke items to order.

Place a suspended display anywhere, not just in a window!

1.5m floor stands using 10mm bars - Poster stands

10mm bar stands are a stylish and cost-effective display.

Three standard widths support a wide range of mix-and-match accessories

Directories - Wall mounted displays

A sample of the range of directories available.  Please enquire for larger ranges and bespoke displays. 

Wall mounted aluminium bars - for suspended displays

Wall mounted aluminium bars give flexibility - once holes have been drilled in the wall to fix them in place, the displays they support can be moved and varied without the need to re-drill the wall!


Wall mounted displays - sliding signs

A sample range of sliders available. Please enquire for further variations and bespoke sizes.

Sliders are available in a range of colours and sizes.

You can also change the orientation of the display. Apply to a wall or door with screws, double-sided tape or further fixing methods.

Suspended poster displays - displays hanging from the ceiling

Poster holders suspended from the ceiling only - on wires (cables) or rods (bars)

Free standing aluminium frames - for banner displays

Free standing banners can be tall or small or short and have the option of multiple banners. 

Ideal use for queue barriers or window advertisements. 

1.5m floor stands using 10mm bars - Sign stands

10 mm bar stand are a stylish and cost effective display. 

Three standard widths support a wide range of mix-and-match accessories. 

Wall mounted ladder displays - hook over poster holder

Wall mounted aluminium ladder uprights, brackets support horizontal aluminium 'rungs' which are adjustable. 

Free standing aluminium frames - ladder displays with hook over accessories

Free standing aluminium ladder with Upright and lay back displays.

Literature floor stand - for posters and leaflets

Floor standing displays with leaflet dispensers, with or without headers. 

Free standing information stands - media and dispensers

Free standing information stands to offer leaflets, brochures, pamphlets and more.  

Lecterns and Podia - Multi poster

Podium stands for Posters. 

Lecterns and Podia - single snap frames and cases

Podium stands for posters with snap frames. 

Shelving and cube display - Ballot and suggestion boxes

Modified acrylic box suitable for suggestion, posting and ballot boxes. 

Table Top - Small table top stands

Small table top stands great for displaying small retail goods.

Shelving and cube display - Suspended

Shelving, cubes and posters suspended from ceilings and walls. 

Shelving and cube display - Wall mounted

A selection of wall mounted displays including shelves and cubes.

Poster displays - Suspended on walls

Poster holders suspended on walls fixed by bars or wires. 

Direct mount holder - wall mounted

Wall mounted poster holder.

Wall mounted - Poster panel

Wall mounted acrylic panel with poster holders. Header available. 

Wall mounted poster holders - Bars and wires

Poster holders fixed to walls with bars and wires.

Free standing aluminium frame - signs and panels

Free standing aluminium frames for signs and panels.