Wires & bars Quick-fix channel and fixings

Quick-fix hanging wires 

Economy wires with quick-fit fixings suitable for use in our aluminium fixing channel or the channels in or aluminium cross-bars for frames (fixings at the top only)

Wire : 1.5mm galvanised steel rope

Fixings: Satin anodised aluminium


Product Code EW01/QT
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Product Code EW01/QT
Price (excl. VAT)
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Length of wire

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The top fixings on quick-fit wires simply slide into the groove in the fixing channel or the cross-bars of an aluminium frame.

Hanging wires are available:

  • In different lengths
  • with a top fixing only


Wire is 1.5mm diameter galvanised steel rope

Fixings are in satin anodised aluminium (from our economy range)