Wires & bars 6mm bar fixings

Nickel-plated 6mm bar-fix fitting for screw-fix items 

Two-part fixings to attach any item which can be screw-fixed to a 6mm bar.

Nickel-plated brass.

B01, B51, B02

Product Code B01
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These are to fit 6mm diameter bars or rods. 

They can be used to fix any item which can be screw-fixed to a 6mm bar.

The hole goes right through the fixing, so that they can support points along the length of the bar, as well as the ends.

They are 2-part fixings -

The inner brass boss can be screwed to the item to be fixed

The outer part fixes to the boss using a grub screw and fixes to the bar to support the item



Fixings are in nickel-plated brass. Other finishes are available in large quantities on request.