Kits Wall posters

Suspended Poster Displays for Walls 

  • Acrylic poster holders
  • Wall fixed bars or wall fixed tensioned wires
  • Fixings 

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Kit - Wall poster display

Kits are made by us in the UK (at our premises in Hampshire) and include: 


  • Stainless steel bars that fix to the walls at the top and the bottom
  • Fixings to attach bars to the wall



  • Wall fixed tensioned wires, wires [cables] are 1.5mm steel rope. 
  • Fixings to attach bars to the wall
  • Clamps to hold the acrylic poster holders to the bars 

Poster holders

  • 'Easy access' Poster holders with 'wings' (flanges) for attaching clamps

Different poster holder sizes available.


Wall mounted 3x A4L poster holders on bars  Poster holders suspended on wall-fix tensioned wires