Kits Susp. posters

Suspended Multi Poster Displays 

Suspended A4 poster kits:

  • suspended on wires (cables) or bars (rods)
  • poster holders - acrylic and snap frame options
  • fixings to secure holders to wires or bars

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Kit - Suspended poster display

Kits are made by us in the UK (at our premises in Hampshire) and include:

  • wires (cables) or bars (rods)
    wires are 1.5mm steel rope. For ceilings fixed at both ends, these will include a tensioner to keep the wire taut.  
    bars are in stainless steel - 4mm, 6mm and 10mm diameters available
  • poster holders
    several types are available:
    • acrylic holders for single posters, which are naturally double-sided 
    • acrylic multi-poster holders - double or triple holders display the posters side-by-side, with separation between them.  They are also naturally double-sided.
    • 'snap' frames (single or double sided)
  • fixings
    these are supplied to secure the poster holders to the wires or bars
    • fixings for wires may be ECONOMY (satin anodised aluminium) or NICKEL (plated brass) - satin chrome and gold platings are also available on request.
      where there is an option for fixing type
    • Fixings for 4mm bars and 10mm bars are satin anodised aluminium.
    • Fixings for 6mm bars are nickel plated (satin chrome and gold platings are also available on request
    • Wires with fixings and fittings for attaching 'snap' frames to wire

Suspended Multi poster display 3x triple A4P Suspended Multi poster display Suspended  poster display 6x A3L x2 suspended A3P snap frames Ceiling suspended poster holders x2 A3P Ceiling to floor bars with 4x A4P  Suspended poster display 2x 2A4P4x 1/2 A4L poster holders to act as directories