Kits F/S brochures

2m Brochure & Poster Stands 

Free-standing brochure dispenser:

  • 2m Frame
  • Back panel
  • Leaflet dispensers
  • (optional) snap frame
  • Weighted base


Product Code KLF/01A
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Kit - Free-standing brochure display

Kits are made by us in the UK (at our premises in Hampshire) and include:

  • Satin anodized aluminum frame 
  • Back panel in choice of finishes 
  • Choice of sizes and numbers of leaflet dispensers
  • powder coated weighted base


free-standing brochure dispenser free standing leaflet dispenser literature stand with poster in snap frame and leaflet dispensers   Brochure holders in 2m frames/KLF01D Slimline frame with frosted panel and 8x A4P ss KLF01x 2m stand - 12x TA4P LD on silver ACM ss