Kits F/S brochures

1.5m Brochure Stands [10mm bar stands] 

Poster stands:

  • 1.5m tall
  • Weighted base
  • Double or single sided brochure holders
  • Optional poster holders

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Kit - Free-standing brochure display

Kits are made by us in the UK (at our premises in Hampshire) and include:

  • 2 sizes of base
    both in 6mm mild steel, powder coated in silver grey (RAL 7001)
    • 400 x 300mm support A4P and A5L poster holders or any other 234mm wide accessories (using inner holes on base)
    • 400 x 300mm also support A3P and A4L poster holders or any other 321mm wide accessories (using outer holes on base)
    • 520 x 300mm support double A4P, *wide A3L and A2P poster holders or any other 456mm wide accessories
      (*we make these slightly wider than standard poster holders (which are 444mm) to fit the stands as one of our standard range of products)
  • 10mm stainless steel bars with domed tops
    • bars are available in several lengths and 1500mm lengths are also available as 2x 750mm lengths that screw together
  • acrylic poster holders, which are double-sided so that you can put in two posters back to back
  • leaflet dispensers on clear acrylic panels, single- or double-sided 
  • clamps to hold poster holders to the bars (in satin anodised aluminium)

1.5m literature stand - 2x3 TA4P.10mm bar stand A4P plus 2TA4P dispensersBrochure holders on 15 lite frames1.5 lite stand - 8x A5P L/D S/S1.5 lite stand -  A3P and 4x A5P