Acrylic etc Sliders

Combination Sliders - separate parts (A/SLD/143B) 

Acrylic signs supplied blank and as separate layers, with an IN/OUT style slider at the top and a sliding panel at the bottom, eg to use for a name.  Fixings (not supplied) hold the unit together as well as mounting it.

Ideal as a room sign - whether mounted as a door slider or a sliding wall sign.

Please enquire if you would like us to vinyl this for you.

Product Code A/SLD/143B/SM/C/5
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Acrylic type
Face size
Fixing Method

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Drawings show the backs of the units as white, but this is just to show the design - the backs are actually the same colour as the fronts.

For coloured units, the sliders have a 3mm thick coloured back and sliders and a 2mm clear front. The centre of the sandwich is in 4mm clear acrylic.  They are 9mm thick overall.

For clear units, the sliders have a 2mm back, front and sliders and the centre of the sandwich is in 3mm clear acrylic.  They are 7mm thick overall.


The slider displays are supplied as separate parts with fixing holes.  The parts are held togther by the fixing that you use to secure the display to the wall or door.

12mm diameter stand-offs


The 9mm holes suit our 12mm diameter stand-offs, select a 20mm thread length for the coloured sliders and a 12mm thread length for the clear sliders.

16mm diameter screw cover capscrew with flat 12mm diameter cap


The 5mm holes are countersunk for screws - any of the screw covers and caps up to 16mm diameter are ideal for finishing the display neatly.

Our standard units are the design shown - they come in two sizes and the acrylic types listed, but we can make them in a variety of colours, or even mixed colours.  We can also produce different designs or sizes to suit your requirement - PLEASE ENQUIRE