Acrylic etc

Panels, sign blanks and fabricated items (boxes, bridges, tents =, dispensers etc) in acrylic, aluminium composite and foam board. Cut to size, polished, drilled, bevelled etc to order. Fabricated by us in Hampshire.

Boxes and cubes

Acrylic boxes. Open and lidded boxes and cubes. Available in different colours of acrylic. Display cubes, suggestion and ballot boxes. We can drill holes or cut keyholes so that you can suspend them on wires or bars, or fix to the wall.

Guards and screens

Acrylic panels - plain or fabricated - for use as sneeze guards, screens etc. Perforated or solid. Bespoke sizes, designs and fixing methods available. Let us know what you want and we'll make it for you!


Panels with sliding acrylic parts. Binary state sliders to use for OPEN/CLOSED, IN/OUT, VACANT/ENGAGED etc and changeable name type sliders.

Square and rectangular panels

Square and rectangular panels or sign blanks in acrylic, aluminium composite or foam board


Panels for use as shelves - in acrylic and toughened safety glass