Wires & bars Quick-fix channel and fixings

Quick-fix tension wires  

Economy wires with quick-fit fixings suitable for use in our aluminium fixing channel or the channels in or aluminium cross-bars for frames.

Wire : 1.5mm galvanised steel rope.

Fixings: Satin anodised aluminium


Product Code EW02/QTB
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Product Code EW02/QTB
Price (excl. VAT)
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Fixing points
Length of wire

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The top and bottom fixings on quick-fit wires simply slide into the groove in the fixing channel or the cross-bars of an aluminium frame (before it is assembled!), then slide into position and screw down to tighten in place.



Quick-fix wires are available:

In different lengths

with top fittings to fix to fixing channel or the groove in aluminium frame cross-bars

with or without bottom fittings


Wire is 1.5mm diameter galvanised steel rope

Fixings are in satin anodised aluminium (from our economy range).  These match the satin anodised aluminium fixing channels.