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Carrier Bag Stands 

Carrier bag stands:

  • 4 channel post
  • Arms (hangers)
  • Lightweight cross stainless steel base OR weighted base circular base

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Kit - exhib. displays

Kits are made by us in the UK (at our premises in Hampshire) and include:

  • Base

The base is either a 400mm diameter disc powder coated in silver-grey [RAL 7001](manufactured in 8mm thick mild steel and weighing approximately 4.3kg) or a lightweight stainless steel interlocking cross

  • Aluminium post

Aluminium post 1.2m or 1.5m tall with 4 channels (grooves) running down its length to support hangers

  • Arms [hangers]

Arms slide into the channels from the top, and can be tightened in place in any position. We also supply them with end stops to prevent the bags from sliding off

  • Case
    A case is available for the shorter version with the lightweight base



KEF01A Bag stand - 1200mm slim post with 4x 200mm hangers in case KEF01B Bag stand - 1500mm post with 6x 200mm hangers VF2B Lite carrier bag stand -  1200mm with 2 hangers